My iPad steering wheel mount

I’ve written before about using the Joby Gorilla Pod flexible tripod as an iPad desktop stand, but today was inspired to use it as a temporary steering wheel mount while waiting to meet someone. Yes, due to an appointment scheduling issue, I was 45 minutes early so had a bit of time on my hands.

Damn flexible device, no?
Gorilla pod iPad car mount
Gorilla pod iPad car mount

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8 Replies to “My iPad steering wheel mount”

    1. Heh, thanks for dropping by and commenting! And yep, parts of Canada too have laws against texting and driving.

      This mount is for stationary use only — in fact, it’s not securely attached to the wheel, and if I turned the wheel a bit, the iPad would fall out of the cradle that the bottom two feet make. Totally meant for stationery use.

  1. Funny, being new to iPads I just discovered my need for something like this today. I entered “iPad Steering Wheel” into a search engine and mostly got references to some hoax from last year. I am on the road all day and usually need to catch up on email whenever I stop, so this is a great idea. If one WAS to design a steering wheel iPad mount, I guess it would have to be made so that it could not possibly be used while driving, or the liability issues would be huge…

    1. Yep, huge liability issues. We’ve just introduced distracted driving legislation that prohibits such devices for the driver when operating a vehicle. But when stopped and unpowered, it’s fine. I just knocked that together to keep the iPad in front of me while I waited to pick my wife up after work. Seems to work well… thanks for stopping by!

  2. Which Joby model is that you’re using? I’ve been looking for something like this for the same reason. When parked, want to use iPad and have it front and center!

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