My iPad steering wheel mount

I’ve writ­ten before about using the Joby Gor­illa Pod flex­ible tri­pod as an iPad desktop stand, but today was inspired to use it as a tem­por­ary steer­ing wheel mount while wait­ing to meet someone. Yes, due to an appoint­ment schedul­ing issue, I was 45 minutes early so had a bit of time on my hands.

Damn flex­ible device, no?
Gorilla pod iPad car mount
Gorilla pod iPad car mount

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8 Replies to “My iPad steering wheel mount”

  1. That is really cool. In Aus­tralia we have laws against tex­ting and driv­ing. They might have to amend them to include using your ipad while driv­ing if your idea takes hold

    1. Heh, thanks for drop­ping by and com­ment­ing! And yep, parts of Canada too have laws against tex­ting and driv­ing.

      This mount is for sta­tion­ary use only — in fact, it’s not securely attached to the wheel, and if I turned the wheel a bit, the iPad would fall out of the cradle that the bot­tom two feet make. Totally meant for sta­tion­ery use.

  2. Funny, being new to iPads I just dis­covered my need for some­thing like this today. I entered “iPad Steer­ing Wheel” into a search engine and mostly got ref­er­ences to some hoax from last year. I am on the road all day and usu­ally need to catch up on email whenev­er I stop, so this is a great idea. If one WAS to design a steer­ing wheel iPad mount, I guess it would have to be made so that it could not pos­sibly be used while driv­ing, or the liab­il­ity issues would be huge…

    1. Yep, huge liab­il­ity issues. We’ve just intro­duced dis­trac­ted driv­ing legis­la­tion that pro­hib­its such devices for the driver when oper­at­ing a vehicle. But when stopped and unpowered, it’s fine. I just knocked that togeth­er to keep the iPad in front of me while I waited to pick my wife up after work. Seems to work well… thanks for stop­ping by!

  3. Which Joby mod­el is that you’re using? I’ve been look­ing for some­thing like this for the same reas­on. When parked, want to use iPad and have it front and cen­ter!

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