Steve says, “The strongest iPod lineup we’ve ever had.”

newipods.jpgEarli­er today Apple unveiled the new look of the iPod product line, start­ing with the tiny Shuffle and end­ing with a slim­mer and more power­ful iPod Touch. New form factors, new hard­ware and new cap­ab­il­it­ies were evid­ent across the product line, and a few of the iPre­dic­tions turned out to be pretty close to accur­ate :smileyhappy:


Here’s what you can expect to see on retail shelves (yes in Future Shop and Future Shop Online) in the com­ing weeks:


Updated iPod Shuffle:

  • People loved the size — wanted but­tons. They’re back.
  • Clip on and go.
  • Playl­ists.
  • Voi­ceOver –It speaks the playl­ists, song, artist, mixes, etc.
  • Geni­us Playl­ists.
  • 15 hrs of bat­tery.

Updated iPod Nano:

  • Smal­ler & light­er
  • Touch-screen — no click­wheel
  • Screen can rotate (change ori­ent­a­tion)
  • Mul­ti­t­ouch (like a tiny iPod Touch)
  • Clip on and go.
  • FM Radio, Nike+, Pedo­met­er
  • 24 hrs of bat­tery.

touch.jpgUpdated iPod Touch:

  • Ret­ina dis­play (same as iPhone 4 — 4x pixels, 326ppi, 24-bit col­our, LED back­light)
  • Apple A4 chip (same as iPhone)
  • 3-axis Gyro (pos­i­tion­al aware­ness)
  • Front facing cam­era (for Face­Time)
  • Rear facing HD cam­era
  • iOS 4.1 with Game Centre (Apple’s online gam­ing net­work)
  • Bat­tery (40 hrs music, 7 hrs video)

4867i167ECFF40469D492And to tie it all togeth­er, a new iTunes:

  • Improved lay­out
  • Improved music dis­cov­ery
  • Ping — iTunes Social Media net­work (Social music dis­cov­ery, fol­low­ing, friends, post­ing opin­ions, charts con­certs, etc)

My thoughts?
The iPod Touch is over­due. These are the fea­tures that should have been in the last update. That being said, this is a great little port­able device. More than an iPad mini — more like an iPhone with out the phone part. Worth invest­ig­a­tiong.

The iPod Shuffle and Nano are pretty close in func­tion­al­ity and size to cause a bit of con­fu­sion in the mar­ket­place these days. If I was going to buy a music play­er, I’d go for the Nano. It just offers so much more.

Ping. This is dis­rupt­ive for online music social media sites like, Groove­Shark,, and Pan­dora. I won­der how this will work out.

Your thoughts? what was miss­ing, what did you expect from Apple this time around? Con­sid­er­ing jump­ing into iTunes to check out Ping? Com­ments wel­come in the Usu­al Place.

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