appleguitar_200.jpgOnce again we’re on the cusp of Apple’s annu­al Fall ‘event’. Over the last few years it’s been focused on Apple’s vis­ion of music, enter­tain­ment, and the hard­ware tech­no­logy needed by us, the con­sumers, to real­ize that vision.

So in two days, Septem­ber 1, we’ll know what that vis­ion of the future looks like. But there’s been a lot of spec­u­la­tion online as to what’s com­ing down the pipe, espe­cially with the iPod line, so I thought I’d take a look at a few of the more inter­est­ing things I’d seen, start­ing with;

Redesigned iPod Shuffle (or is it a Nano?)


Well, some folk are think­ing that the Nano will get smal­ler, per­haps start­ing to push into the Shuffle’s mar­ket niche. One report and image indic­ates that the device will have a touch screen, and the body shrinks to about size of a wrist watch.

Updated iPod Touch
At the last event, there was huge dis­ap­point­ment that the iPod Touch didn’t really get any sig­ni­fic­ant enhance­ments. Spec­u­la­tion was rampant then that the Touch would get a cam­era. It didn’t.


Fast for­ward to now, and the rumor mill is proph­esy­ing two cam­er­as (one front facing) to sup­port Apple’s Face­time app (via WiFi), and Apple’s enhanced ‘ret­ina’ dis­play. And, per­haps a stream­ing music ser­vice. And per­haps 3G ser­vice too — cre­at­ing a true iPad mini.

The Usu­al.
As well, this event, head­ing into the hol­i­day buy­ing sea­son, is the per­fect time to announce exten­sions to exist­ing product lines (more memory), price changes for exist­ing hard­ware, and per­haps, intro­duce a new look at an older product line (Apple TV becomes iTV?) and, per­haps the much dis­cussed iMac Touch.

Regard­less of how this all plays out, you can bet that there’ll be a lot of tech-types scan­ning the news of the day to see what new toys Apple rolls out — yeah, me too.

So, of course, check back here to get our take (I’m sure there’ll be a few of us weigh­ing in) on the latest offer­ings from Apple.

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