iPredict: some new stuff from Apple on Wednesday.

appleguitar_200.jpgOnce again we’re on the cusp of Apple’s annual Fall ‘event’. Over the last few years it’s been focused on Apple’s vision of music, entertainment, and the hardware technology needed by us, the consumers, to realize that vision.

So in two days, September 1, we’ll know what that vision of the future looks like. But there’s been a lot of speculation online as to what’s coming down the pipe, especially with the iPod line, so I thought I’d take a look at a few of the more interesting things I’d seen, starting with;

Redesigned iPod Shuffle (or is it a Nano?)


Well, some folk are thinking that the Nano will get smaller, perhaps starting to push into the Shuffle’s market niche. One report and image indicates that the device will have a touch screen, and the body shrinks to about size of a wrist watch.

Updated iPod Touch
At the last event, there was huge disappointment that the iPod Touch didn’t really get any significant enhancements. Speculation was rampant then that the Touch would get a camera. It didn’t.


Fast forward to now, and the rumor mill is prophesying two cameras (one front facing) to support Apple’s Facetime app (via WiFi), and Apple’s enhanced ‘retina’ display. And, perhaps a streaming music service. And perhaps 3G service too — creating a true iPad mini.

The Usual.
As well, this event, heading into the holiday buying season, is the perfect time to announce extensions to existing product lines (more memory), price changes for existing hardware, and perhaps, introduce a new look at an older product line (Apple TV becomes iTV?) and, perhaps the much discussed iMac Touch.

Regardless of how this all plays out, you can bet that there’ll be a lot of tech-types scanning the news of the day to see what new toys Apple rolls out — yeah, me too.

So, of course, check back here to get our take (I’m sure there’ll be a few of us weighing in) on the latest offerings from Apple.

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