Short, sweet, entertaining, and over.

Old Spice Guy is done…for now. The Inter­net sen­sa­tion dom­in­ated this week’s social media and mar­ket­ing  buzz by provid­ing an awe­somely enter­tain­ing and enga­ging video cam­paign; the Old Spice Guy dir­ectly respon­ded to tweets and oth­er com­ments in social media ser­vices through short You­Tube videos.

As all good things must end, so too does this cam­paign. Yet, even in the final epis­ode of this awe­some social media and mar­ket­ing cam­paign, there is a bit of mys­tery to keep you won­der­ing: Sil­ver Fish Hand Catch.

See you in the tubes, rugged-smelling manly man. It’s been fun.

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