Legacy Hardware loses flagship application

Five years ago I mod­ded my first Xbox to cre­ate a Media Centre. The soft­ware I ran, and still run is the über awe­some XBMC (for Xbox Media Cen­ter).

But now it seems that the days of using my ori­gin­al Xbox as a media cen­ter are numbered — the developers are stop­ping work for that hard­ware plat­form.

So now there will be no updates, no new ‘offi­cial’ fea­tures or bug­fixes for what has become the corner­stone of my enter­tain­ment sys­tem.

And this means that I’d bet­ter start look­ing at a replace­ment that offers:

  • Mul­ti­me­dia play­back
  • Huge lib­rary of media codecs
  • Nat­ive net­work aware­ness for Win­dows, OSX and Linux shared drives
  • Simple and easy-to-use inter­face

But I’m in no rush. My ori­gin­al mod­ded Xbox­en still run the last build of XBMC just fine. And will likely con­tin­ue for some time. But now I know, the days are numbered. Some­thing else just got added to my todo list. Lucky for me it involves tech 🙂

Published by Brad Grier

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