A few reasons why I’ll get an iPad before Christmas – perhaps. Maybe.

Over the last little while I’ve been following the news around Apple’s latest technological marvel, the iPad. Sure, at this time, only the Wi-Fi version is available (and only in the US), but there’re enough news and reviews out there that it’s quite easy formulate an early opinion — especially since I already have an iPod Touch and am used to it’s interface and way of doing things.

Why would I get an iPad?
There are many reasons, but here’s a few that are top of mind, mostly around use of media:

  • Reference Documents – I hate carrying around pages of stuff that is only used for reference. I love carrying around pages of stuff that’s only used for reference — if it’s in a digital format. I do this currently with my iPod Touch, once I figured out how easy it was to view pdf and doc files on my Touch, that is. I expect that the iPad will let me view my .pdf and doc files in much the same way.
  • eBooks – Similar to the reasoning for Reference Documents, but with this addition. I’m getting older and am realizing that reading on a larger screen is easier than the smaller display on my Touch.
  • Games – I’m enjoying the low-cost high-quality games that are coming out of the iPhone ecosystem. I’m thinking there are going to be more of the same for the iPad. With the larger form factor, it’ll be a new experience.

Why before Christmas?
Well, Apple released the iPad in April (May for rest-of-world). This gives enough time for the platform to stabilize, the operating system and hardware to be patched to fix obvious bugs and technical issues. Maybe.

I’m not into investing in first generation technology when I can avoid it, but perhaps I will have an iPad by Christmas, if all goes well. Maybe.

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2 Replies to “A few reasons why I’ll get an iPad before Christmas – perhaps. Maybe.”

  1. Flash and educational discounts will also drive the pricing for these. Most universities are WiFi now including UofA. And when everyone has a tablet instead of using a laptop and books you still have to solve off-line secure storage of information and have topshelf low-cost software /applications available. There’s still a bit of an uphill curve for this, I’d say look at the next generation at the very least. Let the bugs in both the unit’s design and its functionality get worked out first.

  2. Agreed – right now it’s a waiting game to get the new OS out, see what major bugs exist and are being fixed.

    The there’s that whole Adobe vs Apple thing with Flash. All stuff that needs to be considered in a purchase decision.

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