Monthly Backups: Have you started yours?

Before I start, a friendly remind­er that you only have 2.5 days left to enter the con­test for a free Click­free Trans­former backup sys­tem. Tell me a backup hor­ror story.

One thing I like to do is, at the end of every month, veri­fy that I’ve got a full backup of what I like to call my ‘for­got­ten data’, the data on my desktop or laptop —  data stored on the machines I work on day-to-day.

Once you set up a pro­cess to back up your serv­ers or NAS devices, it’s easy to get com­pla­cent and for­get that some of the things that could be import­ant to you are actu­ally stored on your loc­al com­puter not on the net­work; things like game pro­gress saves, edits to pho­tos, videos or pod­casts you’ve downloaded..etc.

So near the end of each month, I look at that stuff, determ­ine if it’s really import­ant to me or not, then copy it to a place on my net­work that will be backed up (using one of my oth­er backup sys­tems).

How ’bout you? Are you reg­u­larly back­ing up this ‘for­got­ten data’?

Published by Brad Grier geek.hack