Upgrading from Windows 7 RC to Retail — easily!

Well, being the cut­ting edge kinda guy that I am, I had the Win­dows 7 release can­did­ate (RC) on my sys­tem from the first day it was released. Of course, that means that I was enjoy­ing all the Win­dows 7 good­ness on my sys­tem, with the know­ledge that I’d even­tu­ally have to upgrade to the full retail ver­sion some time in the future.

That day hath cometh!

Like many of you, I’m sure, I’d put off installing the retail ver­sion until the last pos­sible moment. And Microsoft forced my hand. As of tomor­row, March 1st, the RC of Win­dows 7 will start shut­ting down every two hours. Damn incon­veni­ent, but hey, we’ve had the RC to play with for the last 4 months or so, we can­’t really com­plain.

So tonight I’ve taken the plunge and installed the full retail ver­sion on my sys­tem. Not without minor chal­lenges, but it’s done. I’m writ­ing this on a full retail Win 7 install.

Which means that, yes, I will be doc­u­ment­ing my upgrade pro­cess in the very near future! From WinXP to Win7 RC to Win7 Retail, the whole enchil­ada.  But not tonight.

Tonight I rel­ish the last 2 weeks of Olympics, of Cana­dian Pride (what a weird concept) and of Pils­ner, ‘eh!

Published by Brad Grier

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