Blogging at 31312 ft.

As I write wrote this I’m was cruis­ing along at 485 mph, just over 30,000 ft. Over the Rock­ies.

This vista was shot with my digit­al cam­era, and wire­lessly uploaded to my flickr account.

Sure beat's inflight movies!

The tech that let’s me post this (delayed, as my air­line does­n’t have in-flight wi-fi yet) is pretty com­mon­place these days — but would have been sci­ence fic­tion just 5 years ago:

  • iPod touch
  • Word­Press iPhone app
  • digit­al cam­era
  • eye-fi net­work cam­era card

The mélange of this hard­ware and soft­ware ( note, no laptop in the mix ) let’s me cre­ate some­thing, gath­er the ele­ments and pro­duce the con­tent while still in the envir­on­ment — I’m not tied to a com­puter in a work­place or res­id­ence.

In this case, this post will be com­pleted and pos­ted once I find a wi-fi hot­spot.

If I had used an iPhone, I could have simply pos­ted it using my cel­lu­lar data plan, but i’m in Canada where these are kinda pricy, so I make due.

But this type of live journ­al­ism is now a real­ity for many. I’m cool with my near-live abil­ity, your loc­al TV, Radio and print news­rooms will all be adopt­ing some vari­ent of this in the near future. They have to, or they won’t be around very much longer.

Think of it as Dar­win­ism for the news media. I’m curi­ous what kind of muta­tion will sur­vive 🙂

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