Blogging at 31312 ft.

As I write wrote this I‘m was cruising along at 485 mph, just over 30,000 ft. Over the Rockies.

This vista was shot with my digital camera, and wirelessly uploaded to my flickr account.

Sure beat's inflight movies!

The tech that let’s me post this (delayed, as my airline doesn’t have in-flight wi-fi yet) is pretty commonplace these days — but would have been science fiction just 5 years ago:

  • iPod touch
  • WordPress iPhone app
  • digital camera
  • eye-fi network camera card

The mélange of this hardware and software ( note, no laptop in the mix ) let’s me create something, gather the elements and produce the content while still in the environment — I’m not tied to a computer in a workplace or residence.

In this case, this post will be completed and posted once I find a wi-fi hotspot.

If I had used an iPhone, I could have simply posted it using my cellular data plan, but i’m in Canada where these are kinda pricy, so I make due.

But this type of live journalism is now a reality for many. I’m cool with my near-live ability, your local TV, Radio and print newsrooms will all be adopting some varient of this in the near future. They have to, or they won’t be around very much longer.

Think of it as Darwinism for the news media. I’m curious what kind of mutation will survive 🙂