How to add a network activity monitor to Windows 7

I like Win­dows 7. But there’s one thing that I noticed miss­ing right off the top, a net­work activ­ity mon­it­or in the Taskbar.

Sure, you could ad a gadget/widget thingie to the desktop, but when you’re work­ing on some­thing, odds are you’re at full-screen resoulu­tion and the mon­it­or is behind whatever y ou’re work­ing on.

Well, thanks to this cool little site (and the point­er from Down­load Squad) Win­dows 7 now has a work­ing taskbar-moun­ted net­work activ­ity mon­it­or, com­plete with anim­ated blink­ing screen. To quote the developer:

This util­ity is a stan­dalone execut­able. Run the pro­gram, you’ll see a new sys­tem tray icon.

Now you can mon­it­or your net­work traffic in Win­dows 7 using XP-like ‘two mon­it­ors’ icon in the Sys­tem Tray.

To cus­tom­ize pro­gram set­tings right click the mouse on the Sys­tem Tray icon.

Pretty straight­for­ward, and func­tion­al. And light weight! The Net­work Activ­ity Indic­at­or for Win­dows 7 weighs in at a tiny 57kb down­load.

You can down­load it here


Published by Brad Grier geek.hack