How to easily install essential applications on a new Windows 7 computer

It does­n’t mat­ter if you’ve upgraded from Vista or XP, or if you’ve bought a new Win­dows 7 based com­puter, you’re going to need to install some basic and essen­tial applic­a­tions on your new baby.

And this awe­some web­site makes it so, SO easy. 4 easy steps:

  • Vis­it the site
  • Select which applic­a­tions you want
  • Press the but­ton to start a down­load
  • Run the down­loaded applic­a­tion

Vis­it the site is a very cool web app with a single func­tion: to make a cus­tom down­load­er and installer that will save you time and mouse­clicks to install com­monly used open-source and free applic­a­tions.

The page looks like this, a long list of applic­a­tions and util­it­ies, divided into sec­tions by applic­a­tion type.

Nin­ite includes everything from office suite applic­a­tions (Open Office, MS Office tri­al), image and  audio edit­ors, to sys­tem main­ten­ance util­it­ies, vir­us scan­ners, and media burn­ing tools.

Get your applic­a­tions
This could­n’t be sim­pler. Click on the apps or util­it­ies you want. Unfor­tu­nately there’s no link to a product over­view so if you’re not famil­i­ar with the applic­a­tion you will need to Google it.

Press the but­ton
This ini­ti­ates a bit of back-end magic at the site. A cus­tom download/installer applic­a­tion is built and sent to your com­puter. It con­tains all the inform­a­tion neces­sary to, when run, down­load and install (in back­ground) the applic­a­tions you selec­ted in the pre­vi­ous step.

Make it so
When  you run the installer, a win­dow opens show­ing you the pro­gress of the pro­cess. If you’re curi­ous, you can ‘show the details’ and each phase of the install can be viewed.

The big bene­fit for me is the time sav­ing and the click sav­ing. What would nor­mally take over an hour for a new install, basic­ally takes 2–5 minutes of my time, the rest hap­pens in back­ground while I do some­thing else. To quote from the developers:

Nin­ite runs on Win­dows XP/Vista/7 and works
in the back­ground 100% hands-free.

We install apps with default set­tings and
say “no” to browser tool­bars and oth­er junk.

All we do is install the latest ver­sions of the apps
you choose. Not even Nin­ite is installed.

How can that not be cool?

Published by Brad Grier geek.hack