Backups don’t have to be painful

In a pre­vi­ous post (on my per­son­al blog) about pre­par­ing for your Win­dows 7 install­a­tion, I briefly dis­cussed backups. Aside from the obvi­ous reas­on of hav­ing a copy of your imort­ant stuff stored safely, backups have anoth­er bene­fit; they give you the con­fid­ence to work on your com­puter your­self — not hav­ing to rely on your friend, office mate or the 14yr old neigh­bour. But mak­ing good backups, backups that are easy to use and restore can be a chal­lenge. Espe­cially the restore part — without a good restore, the backup is worth­less. And if mak­ing and restor­ing your backups isn’t easy, odds are that you won’t do it, even though you know you should. Which begs the ques­tion; how can I eas­ily back up my sys­tem? …more

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