Too much stuff

Over the next few days I’m going to test a new blog posting process. If you’ve been here recently you’ll have noticed that excerpts of my work at the Future Shop Techblog are being pulled in and posted as they appear on the Techblog. Which is a cool way for me to keep my work all together.

But, as the title implies, I see a lot of stuff these days – much I’d like to write about either don’t have the time, or it’s simply not enough to build a full-up blog post. It could rate more than a Tweet (you are following me on Twitter right?), so rather than not post at all, this is my compromise — the QuickHit(tm).

These are enabled by the autopost function of my Posterous account and some back-end magic with WordPress plugins.

So, I’m curious what you think, let me know in the comments. Are these QuickHits(tm) worth while, or would you rather see this sort of thing in my Twitter stream?


You’ve just read a QuickHit(tm).