Too much stuff

Over the next few days I’m going to test a new blog post­ing pro­cess. If you’ve been here recently you’ll have noticed that excerpts of my work at the Future Shop Techb­log are being pulled in and pos­ted as they appear on the Techb­log. Which is a cool way for me to keep my work all togeth­er.

But, as the title implies, I see a lot of stuff these days — much I’d like to write about either don’t have the time, or it’s simply not enough to build a full-up blog post. It could rate more than a Tweet (you are fol­low­ing me on Twit­ter right?), so rather than not post at all, this is my com­prom­ise — the Quick­Hit™.

These are enabled by the autopost func­tion of my Pos­ter­ous account and some back-end magic with Word­Press plu­gins.

So, I’m curi­ous what you think, let me know in the com­ments. Are these Quick­Hits™ worth while, or would you rather see this sort of thing in my Twit­ter stream?


You’ve just read a Quick­Hit™.

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