It was a dark and stormy morning

Foggy Morning at the University (2c)

It’s been said that the best cam­era is the one you have with you — heck it’s even the title of a book on iPhone pho­to­graphy.

Which makes sense, because you can eas­ily stumble across a nifty scene, as I did here, and not be able to cap­ture it if you don’t have a cam­era with you.

True, the scene did­n’t exactly look like that. I did enhance the dra­mat­ic using Adobe Pho­toshop Light­room 2, to pretty good effect, I think.

But back to the point, car­ry­ing a cam­era with you will enable you to catch these unex­pec­ted scenes, and then take them back to your digit­al dark­room and explore the artist­ic pos­sib­il­it­ies.

Published by Brad Grier geek.hack