I’ve been in love with Drop­box for a while now, so much so I’m pro­mot­ing it in my adspace in my sidebar.

Drop­box has made it much much easi­er to trans­fer files between com­puters. Sure, I could email them, but that’s not at all eleg­ant. All I do with Drop­box is copy a file to a folder, and it’s auto­ma­gic­ally copied to a Drop­box folder on all my oth­er com­puters, as well as a private folder in my secure Drop­box online stor­age space.

Now, there’s an app for that
So aside from the usu­al reas­on for run­ning drop­box, the abil­ity to sync your files online and across com­puters, we can now add iPhone and iPod Touch to that hard­ware mix, where pre­vi­ously we had to make do with a web-applic­a­tion interface.

Apple has finally approved the actu­al nat­ive app, so here’s what you get:

  • Access your Drop­box on the go
  • Down­load files for off­line viewing
  • Sync pho­tos and videos to your Dropbox
  • Share links to files in your Dropbox

What this means — you can now eas­ily access all sorts of files among all your vari­ous com­puter on you iPhone or iPod Touch.

And, if you ‘favour­ite’ the doc­u­ment in the iPhone applic­a­tion, it’s down­loaded to your device for off­line view­ing — great for iPod Touch use out­side of a Wi-Fi zone.

So go ahead already, and down­load the app! And don’t for­get to set up a Drop­box account if you don’t already have one.

By Brad Grier

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  1. Hey Marc, great to see you dropped by! Tess and I both find that the iPod Touch is fine for us. We have Wi-Fi almost every­where, and the 8GB unit is all we need for our media and applic­a­tions, etc. Adding a phone to the mix isn’t import­ant to us.

    Now if the iPod Touch had a cam­era, it’d be per­fect, but that may not hap­pen until next year.

    And then when you add Drop­box, I’ve found this is indeed a ‘use­ful’ tool.

  2. Hi Brad — I use Drop­box on all my com­puters and keep my cur­rent work­ing files there. In some ways it is my crude busi­ness con­tinu­ity folder and it has actu­ally saved me from a jam when a Vista Laptop gave up on me.

    I am a fel­low Social Mobil­ist (that’s where I found you)!


  3. Hi Jose, thanks for that. Yeah, Drop­box is one of those ideas that just makes sense
so much so that you won­der why one of the ‘big guys’ did­n’t come up with it.

    And yeah, time for me to start read­ing Social Mobil­ist more!

  4. Wow, I am so happy I found your blog! I will prob­ably spend the rest of the day geek­ing out here. Bliss! But first I’ll be get­ting the Drop­box app â€Š

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for the kind words. Yes, do check out Drop­box — eas­ily my top app on any platform.

      And hey, very sweet site you’ve got too! Always nice to dis­cov­er a pho­to­graph­er pas­sion­ate about the craft đŸ˜‰

      – Brad

  5. Thanks for the com­ment Todd, frankly, I’m won­der­ing how I did without Drop­Box before. USB drives are a great fall­back, but Drop­Box wins because it’s just so darn convenient!

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