Finally. The must-have app for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

I’ve been in love with Dropbox for a while now, so much so I’m promoting it in my adspace in my sidebar.

Dropbox has made it much much easier to transfer files between computers. Sure, I could email them, but that’s not at all elegant. All I do with Dropbox is copy a file to a folder, and it’s automagically copied to a Dropbox folder on all my other computers, as well as a private folder in my secure Dropbox online storage space.

Now, there’s an app for that
So aside from the usual reason for running dropbox, the ability to sync your files online and across computers, we can now add iPhone and iPod Touch to that hardware mix, where previously we had to make do with a web-application interface.

Apple has finally approved the actual native app, so here’s what you get:

  • Access your Dropbox on the go
  • Download files for offline viewing
  • Sync photos and videos to your Dropbox
  • Share links to files in your Dropbox

What this means — you can now easily access all sorts of files among all your various computer on you iPhone or iPod Touch.

And, if you ‘favourite’ the document in the iPhone application, it’s downloaded to your device for offline viewing — great for iPod Touch use outside of a Wi-Fi zone.

So go ahead already, and download the app! And don’t forget to set up a Dropbox account if you don’t already have one.

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11 Replies to “Finally. The must-have app for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch”

  1. Hey Marc, great to see you dropped by! Tess and I both find that the iPod Touch is fine for us. We have Wi-Fi almost everywhere, and the 8GB unit is all we need for our media and applications, etc. Adding a phone to the mix isn’t important to us.

    Now if the iPod Touch had a camera, it’d be perfect, but that may not happen until next year.

    And then when you add Dropbox, I’ve found this is indeed a ‘useful’ tool.

  2. Hi Brad – I use Dropbox on all my computers and keep my current working files there. In some ways it is my crude business continuity folder and it has actually saved me from a jam when a Vista Laptop gave up on me.

    I am a fellow Social Mobilist (that’s where I found you)!


  3. Hi Jose, thanks for that. Yeah, Dropbox is one of those ideas that just makes sense…so much so that you wonder why one of the ‘big guys’ didn’t come up with it.

    And yeah, time for me to start reading Social Mobilist more!

  4. Wow, I am so happy I found your blog! I will probably spend the rest of the day geeking out here. Bliss! But first I’ll be getting the Dropbox app …

    1. Hi Kate, thanks for the kind words. Yes, do check out Dropbox – easily my top app on any platform.

      And hey, very sweet site you’ve got too! Always nice to discover a photographer passionate about the craft 😉

      — Brad

  5. Thanks for the comment Todd, frankly, I’m wondering how I did without DropBox before. USB drives are a great fallback, but DropBox wins because it’s just so darn convenient!

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