Revisiting my 5 favourite iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch applications

It’s been almost six months since I picked up my iPod Touch and pos­ted about my 5 favour­ite iPhone & iPod Touch applic­a­tions, so I thought it’d be time to see if they’re still my favour­ite, and if not, which are now.

Here’s my pre­vi­ous picks:

  1. The iTunes Applic­a­tion Store
  2. Flight Con­trol
  3. Ever­note
  4. Google Apps
  5. Safari

And here’s my cur­rent list:

  1. Mail
  2. Tweet­deck
  3. Ever­note
  4. Flight Con­trol
  5. Stanza

You’ll note there are some sim­il­ar­it­ies, but I dropped the iPhone app store and Safari, because they’re really embed­ded into the iPhone OS, and in the case of Safari, it seems Safari can piggy-back on oth­er apps as required.

And here’s why these apps made my list.

  • Mail: This applic­a­tion is the default one that ships with the unit, and is my hourly go-to app, espe­cially since I’ve got it hooked into my gmail account.
  • Tweet­deck: The social media chan­nel of choice for me is Twit­ter, and on my iPod Touch, Tweet­deck is my app of choice.  It’s free, and it’s effect­ive.
  • Ever­note: An awe­some pro­gram that simply keeps everything handy. Saw a great art­icle you want to read later? Clip it to Ever­note on your PC or Mac, and view it on you iPhone later. Or reverse the pro­cess and send notes/photos/docs from your iPhone to your Ever­note account, and review them on your desktop later. Free and paid ver­sions of the ser­vice, but free iPhone app.
  • Flight Con­trol: Still the best iPhone game around. Updated with TWO new run­ways since I added the app.
  • Stanza: a great eBook read­er. Free, handles mul­tiple eBook formats, con­nects to PC or Mac desktop applic­a­tions,  and has online hooks to free and com­mer­cial eBook sup­pli­ers.

It’s inter­est­ing to see what’s changed, or hasn’t, in my app usage. I’ll revis­it this again in anoth­er bunch of months and see where things stand.

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