Revisiting my 5 favourite iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch applications

It’s been almost six months since I picked up my iPod Touch and posted about my 5 favourite iPhone & iPod Touch applications, so I thought it’d be time to see if they’re still my favourite, and if not, which are now.

Here’s my previous picks:

  1. The iTunes Application Store
  2. Flight Control
  3. Evernote
  4. Google Apps
  5. Safari

And here’s my current list:

  1. Mail
  2. Tweetdeck
  3. Evernote
  4. Flight Control
  5. Stanza

You’ll note there are some similarities, but I dropped the iPhone app store and Safari, because they’re really embedded into the iPhone OS, and in the case of Safari, it seems Safari can piggy-back on other apps as required.

And here’s why these apps made my list.

  • Mail: This application is the default one that ships with the unit, and is my hourly go-to app, especially since I’ve got it hooked into my gmail account.
  • Tweetdeck: The social media channel of choice for me is Twitter, and on my iPod Touch, Tweetdeck is my app of choice.  It’s free, and it’s effective.
  • Evernote: An awesome program that simply keeps everything handy. Saw a great article you want to read later? Clip it to Evernote on your PC or Mac, and view it on you iPhone later. Or reverse the process and send notes/photos/docs from your iPhone to your Evernote account, and review them on your desktop later. Free and paid versions of the service, but free iPhone app.
  • Flight Control: Still the best iPhone game around. Updated with TWO new runways since I added the app.
  • Stanza: a great eBook reader. Free, handles multiple eBook formats, connects to PC or Mac desktop applications,  and has online hooks to free and commercial eBook suppliers.

It’s interesting to see what’s changed, or hasn’t, in my app usage. I’ll revisit this again in another bunch of months and see where things stand.