Installing Eeebuntu on my eeePC

You may remember this post where I waxed poetic on the somewhat-easy installation of Easy Peasy Ubuntu on my eeePC 8G (it’s a 701). Well, believe it or not, I’ve nuked Easy Peasy and am now running Eeebuntu…and the install was even easier!

What got it all started was this post about the ‘base edition’ of Eeebuntu. This section caught my eye:

To accommodate the various capabilities of the vast Eee product line, Eeebuntu comes in three different ISOs: Eeebuntu Standard, Netbook Remix, and Base. A week and a half ago, Eeebuntu released version 3.0 of its Base edition, the lightest and tightest of the three ISOs.

And since I was somewhat disappointed by the speed of Easy Peasy, and Ubuntu was now two versions newer than my current install, I thought it was time to update.

So, by following these simple instructions to set up my USB stick, installing Eeebuntu went flawlessly. And it took much less time than my initial Easy Peasy install. I’m a happy camper.

As the EeeBuntu site mentions, Eeebuntu Base is the bare-bones operating system.

…is the smallest, lightest and most stripped down of the three ISO’s. Apart from Gnome and its usual configuration applications, Firefox, restricted extras and the Eeeconfigure application, there’s little else, which means it’s up to you to add as few or as many as you need.

Which means that even on my first-generation netbook, it’s much faster than the Easy Peasy, XP, or even the original Linux OS who’s name I can’t remember right now.

Time will tell how it works out, but so far, for simple netbook tasks, it’s a champ.

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