Major Tom cover version — official free download available

You’ve likely heard it in the Lin­coln MKZ com­mer­cials, but last night I finally paid atten­tion to the ad and listened… and heard this awe­some ver­sion inbetwixt shows. So obvi­ously I had to find it some­where.

After scour­ing Google videos and all, I’d finally resigned myself to hav­ing to listen to it through this track.

Then, good friend and über-track­er-out­door-dude Ranger Bob found the offi­cial down­load of Shiny Toy Guns cov­er ver­sion of Peter Shil­ling’s Major Tom (Com­ing Home).

Update: Embed­ding the flash play­er ver­sion here for instant listen­ing grat­i­fic­a­tion.

Give it a listen, then check out the ori­gin­al in the Peter Shil­ling You­Tube videos. Who wins? I like the new one 🙂

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