Best music player ever. Songbird 1.1.1 now with watched folders.

I’ve writ­ten before about Song­bird, the free, open-source music play­er based on the Moz­illa / Fire­Fox plat­form.

Basic­ally Song­bird rocks.

Well, now there’s extra-new-and-improved Song­bird good­ness as the update was released this even­ing, with the one sig­ni­fic­ant fea­ture it’s been lack­ing up ’till now — the ‘Watched Folder’ fea­ture.

To quote from the song­bird release email:

Watch Folders
You can choose to watch a folder hier­archy for changes and the con­tent will auto-magic­ally be impor­ted in your lib­rary. If a file is removed from the watched folder, the cor­res­pond­ing track will be deleted from your Lib­rary.

Of course, this isn’t the only new fea­ture in Song­bird, but for me, it’s the most import­ant.

If you’ve not tried Song­bird as an iTunes replace­ment, give it a go…it’s really worth the invest­ment, for Mac, PC and Linux.

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9 Replies to “Best music player ever. Songbird 1.1.1 now with watched folders.”

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    Blog: Best music play­er ever. Song­bird 1.1.1 now with watched folders.: Song­bird finally includes the one sig­nif.. [link to post]

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  2. How did you get Song­bird to add a net­worked folder to the lib­rary in Ubuntu? I can play them on the laptop from the Desktop­PC sep­ar­ately via Mplay­er or VLC but Song­bird doesn’t ‘see’ the net­work folders any­where?

    1. Hi Richard, I’m not sure why your sys­tem isn’t see­ing the net­work drive. Have you veri­fied that you’ve ‘moun­ted’ the shared drive…ie does it appear as an icon on the Ubuntu desktop?

      If that’s not the issue, then I’d sug­gest check­ing out the song­bird sup­port for­um.

      Good luck with that!

      – Brad

  3. Yeah, its moun­ted and show­ing on the Ubuntu desktop, but when you scan media in Song­bird, the dia­log that pops up does not have this net­work drive icon like it does in Nautilus so obvi­ously I can’t tell Song­bird where to look! I’ll have a look in the Song­bird for­um to see if any­one else has this prob­lem. I’ve tried a little already but no luck yet!
    Thanks for the feed­back though.

  4. Hey Richard, not sure if this thread will help or not, but there is one spe­cif­ic rem­edy men­tioned:

    It looks like oth­ers have been hav­ing sim­il­ar prob­lems.

    In my case, my media is on a NAS device, not a PC and SMB shar­ing is eas­ily accomplished…except for my Mac Mini which seems to require me to manu­ally browse into the media folder with Find­er first, before it’ll play the files in the lib­rary.

    I hope that link helps…

    – Brad

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    @ink_slinger Ha! True. On my home com­puters I use Song­Bird ( [link to post] ). It talks to iPods too. Mac, Linux & Win 🙂

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