Best music player ever. Songbird 1.1.1 now with watched folders.

I’ve written before about Songbird, the free, open-source music player based on the Mozilla / FireFox platform.

Basically Songbird rocks.

Well, now there’s extra-new-and-improved Songbird goodness as the update was released this evening, with the one significant feature it’s been lacking up ’till now — the ‘Watched Folder’ feature.

To quote from the songbird release email:

Watch Folders
You can choose to watch a folder hierarchy for changes and the content will auto-magically be imported in your library. If a file is removed from the watched folder, the corresponding track will be deleted from your Library.

Of course, this isn’t the only new feature in Songbird, but for me, it’s the most important.

If you’ve not tried Songbird as an iTunes replacement, give it a go…it’s really worth the investment, for Mac, PC and Linux.

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9 Replies to “Best music player ever. Songbird 1.1.1 now with watched folders.”

  1. How did you get Songbird to add a networked folder to the library in Ubuntu? I can play them on the laptop from the DesktopPC separately via Mplayer or VLC but Songbird doesn’t ‘see’ the network folders anywhere?

    1. Hi Richard, I’m not sure why your system isn’t seeing the network drive. Have you verified that you’ve ‘mounted’ the shared drive…ie does it appear as an icon on the Ubuntu desktop?

      If that’s not the issue, then I’d suggest checking out the songbird support forum.

      Good luck with that!

      — Brad

  2. Yeah, its mounted and showing on the Ubuntu desktop, but when you scan media in Songbird, the dialog that pops up does not have this network drive icon like it does in Nautilus so obviously I can’t tell Songbird where to look! I’ll have a look in the Songbird forum to see if anyone else has this problem. I’ve tried a little already but no luck yet!
    Thanks for the feedback though.

  3. Hey Richard, not sure if this thread will help or not, but there is one specific remedy mentioned:

    It looks like others have been having similar problems.

    In my case, my media is on a NAS device, not a PC and SMB sharing is easily accomplished…except for my Mac Mini which seems to require me to manually browse into the media folder with Finder first, before it’ll play the files in the library.

    I hope that link helps…

    — Brad

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