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Moo + Linked­In = Free Busi­ness Cards

I’ve writ­ten before about Moo (cards & stick­ers) and Linked­In (the busi­ness social net­work), but this is the first time I’ve writ­ten about both in the same post.

Short story.
Moo is let­ting you make 50 of their beau­ti­ful photo-enhanced busi­ness cards for free!

It’s really mashup2
Moo itself is a mashup of the tra­di­tion­al busi­ness card print­ing busi­ness, an online card cre­ation and billing mod­el, and an abil­ity to import images from Flickr and oth­er sources. The new mashup com­pon­ent is that you can import parts of your Linked­In pro­file into the card cre­ation pro­cess.

And 50 free Moo cards is always cool.

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