How has the Logitech G15 (v2) fared after 6 months?

You may remem­ber that I went through a rather inter­est­ing guar­an­tee replace­ment with Logit­ech over the wear­ing paint on my ori­gin­al G15 key­board. The short ver­sion is that they hap­pily replaced it with a new, Ver­sion 2 G15.

I thought I’d take a moment and update my thoughts about it.

  1. I miss the three-key wide lay­out of the ori­gin­al G15. for online gam­ing, the bank of keys laid out three wide were much bet­ter than the exist­ing single bank ver­tic­ally aligned.
  2. I miss the blue key light­ing. Amber is neat, but I still like the blue.
  3. The LCD dis­play is a bit smal­ler. I may have to get read­ing glasses (not yet) to read my cus­tom LCD Stu­dio display…and that’s a neat thing.
  4. LCD Stu­dio works fine with it. This allows for cus­tom dis­plays that you can con­fig­ure for any­thing from in-game mes­sages to cur­rent ammuni­tion levels.
  5. USB Ports seem more stable. On the ori­gin­al G15 the key­board seemed to draw more power, caus­ing my com­puter to give me issue. With this the V2 G15, they’ve all gone away.

And as for the key paint? I’m get­ting a bit of shine on the space-bar and oth­er com­monly use keys, but the paint isn’t wear­ing through. I’m keep­ing my fin­gers crossed (which makes typ­ing darned dif­fi­cult!).

Published by Brad Grier geek.hack