Canadian weather station on Mars brings you daily weather updates

Perfect weather to launch an invasion of the monkey-infested Earth. Let loose the dogs of war!

One of the ‘cooler’ pieces of science being done on Mars by NASA’s Phoenix lander is the study of Martian weather patterns, courtesy of a ‘built-in-Canada’ weather station. A daily spinoff of this is the daily Martian weather report. Due to a communications glitch, the reporting should begin tomorrow.

On a local note, the Canadian Science Team at the University of Alberta have a significant stake in the Phoenix Mission:

When the originally planned anemometer for Phoenix was descoped,
Professor Carlos Lange and his students demonstrated that a telltale
could be used to indicate wind speed and direction with help of the
onboard camera. He then helped researchers at the University of Aarhus,
Denmark, develop and test the telltale wind sensor that is now mounted
on top of the Canadian MET mast on Phoenix. For Phoenix, Dr. Lange uses
advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools to simulate the
Martian environment.