From the ‘so simple why didn’t I think of it’ category

A friend of mine poin­ted me to this bril­liant post (via iPhone Cent­ral)

The concept is simple; Scan the front and back of all your bar­coded mem­ber­ship cards, and carry them around in your iPhone.

To test it out I went to the loc­al hard­ware store and asked the girl
behind the counter if she could scan the bar­code from my phone. The
first look I got was pure amazement. To her the phys­ic­al card was
trans­formed into a pic­ture on a shiny device. On top of that the
bar­code was scanned suc­cess­fully. The res­ult; a slightly con­fused girl
and a happy me.

My take: I’m going to try this on my lib­rary card and see if this works on my Palm Pilot T|X.

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