Leopard’s teething troubles

The Mac Mini woes continue. We’d recently taken advantage of Apple’s UpToDate program to order OSX Leopard. It arrived last week, and installation ensured.

And it looked great once it was complete! But, the kicker was, it wouldn’t recognize our Windows shares, or NFS shares, or Samba shares. Seems this is a known issue so, off went Leopard, back on went Tiger.

We’re happy again, and won’t install Leopard until many of the issues are dealt with. And speaking of issues, there’s a cross-platform issues page at macwindows.com, and an excellent list of Leopard 3rd party issues posted over at BioNeural.Net:

[X] Google Earth 4.0
[X] Parallels Desktop 2.5 (free update announced)
[X] Skype (beta)

The full list is here.

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3 Replies to “Leopard’s teething troubles”

  1. My friend has heard about the troubles before she could transfer to Leopard. She was glad she hasn’t. She’s loving her tiger 🙂

    I am still waiting for my macbook … I have been excited about it since last month.

  2. Hi Junelle,
    Thanks for the comment! Yeah, my wife and I were really not impressed that Leopard really couldn’t find our stuff. Sure, we run mostly Windows based machines, but my main file and print server is a Ubuntu (Linux) machine, which ‘anything’ should be able to find.

    Ah well, we’ll wait for the next revision and see if that’s better. In the meantime, Christmas is coming, and there will be little time for toying with a recalcitrant operating system 🙂

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