Leopard’s teething troubles

The Mac Mini woes con­tin­ue. We’d recently taken advant­age of Apple’s UpToD­ate pro­gram to order OSX Leo­pard. It arrived last week, and install­a­tion ensured.

And it looked great once it was com­plete! But, the kick­er was, it would­n’t recog­nize our Win­dows shares, or NFS shares, or Samba shares. Seems this is a known issue so, off went Leo­pard, back on went Tiger.

We’re happy again, and won’t install Leo­pard until many of the issues are dealt with. And speak­ing of issues, there’s a cross-plat­form issues page at macwindows.com, and an excel­lent list of Leo­pard 3rd party issues pos­ted over at BioNeural.Net:

[X] Google Earth 4.0
[X] Par­al­lels Desktop 2.5 (free update announced)
[X] Skype (beta)

The full list is here.

Published by Brad Grier

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