Earthrise 1280 x 1024Today I was feel­ing the need to update my desktop, and decided to look around for a 1280×1024 ver­sion of Earth­rise. I could­n’t quickly find one…so I did the next best thing, grabbed this 2400×2400 ver­sion from NASA and cropped it. Feel free to grab my (1024×768) ver­sion here.

** Update Feb 17, 2008 **

Since I’ve got a new 22″ wide format mon­it­or, I needed to rebuild my Earth­rise desktop. So here it is, in 1680×1050 rez.

Full cred­it to the NASA and the Apollo 8 crew (Com­mand­er Frank Bor­man, Com­mand Mod­ule Pilot James Lov­ell and Lun­ar Mod­ule Pilot Wil­li­am Anders)