wiPod: the next big thing?

 If you managed to catch the news today, the twitter-sphere was abuzz with it, Apple is freshening its product line in preparation for this upcoming holiday sales season.

  As various pundits both at the Apple event and monitoring it remotely twittered away, it seemed that Steve Jobs was at his best, once again, in front of a crowd of the converted. Gotta love live blogging and twitter.

What’s new in the Apple catalogue for this season?  How about an iPod Nano that includes video.

Or, how about this cool thing: the iPod Touch (or as some are calling it, the wiPod): an Apple iPhone without the phone.

It looks interesting; only the deluxe for me:

  • 16gb on board memory
  • 320 x 480 display
  • 802.11 b/g wi-fi
  • A bunch more stuff
  • $399.00 USD


For me, the wiPod isn’t that big a deal. I’m able to do most everything it can with my trusty Palm T|X. Sure, Blazer, the default TX browser is dated and needs updating to handle AJAX, streaming video, etc. Also, an application that properly syncs to Google Calendar would be appreciated. But to dump this and get a wiPod now is not in my cards.

But, should the battery die or the system brick, you can bet I’d be considering the iPod Touch as a replacement.

*** UPDATE ***

I recently went through some of the pros/cons of upgrading from a Palm T|X to the Apple iPod Touch:

Downsides: Battery…replaceable by apple. TX has to be unscrewed to be opened and replaced.
No expansion cards…TX can take up to 2 GB. Swap music and files by using more cards.
iTunes: must use it to copy music and video to the unit. 16GB is not enough when you have lots of video and podcasts.
Price…have to buy one.

Upsides: It’s an Apple. Stylish. Cool. Screen is same size as TX. Plays more video formats. New product at the beginning of it’s development lifecycle, TX is near it’s end.
Price…own one.


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3 Replies to “wiPod: the next big thing?”

  1. Brad, the next time we meet I’ll have to show off my Nokia N800. You may just fall in love with it.

    It’s got a gorgeous 800×480 screen, Opera browser with Flash, memory expandable to 8 (or is it 16?) GB, and unlike the Palm TX it comes out of the box working. It uses standard Nokia batteries, but not the ones that were just recalled. And it looks pretty darn cool, if I may say so.

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