This will surely free more of your valuable time

Tim Fer­riss (4 Hour Work Week) lists 9 items in his ‘Not To Do List’ that make sense and will free up your time. I already do num­ber 1, and try to do num­ber 4:

1. Do not answer calls from unre­cog­nized phone num­bers
Feel free to sur­prise oth­ers, but don’t be sur­prised. It just res­ults in unwanted inter­rup­tion and poor nego­ti­at­ing pos­i­tion. Let it go to voice­mail, and con­sider using a ser­vice like Grand­Cent­ral (you can listen to people leav­ing voice­mail) or Simulscribe (receive voice­mails as e‑mail).

4. Do not let people ramble
For­get “how’s it going?” when someone calls you. Stick with “what’s up?” or “I’m in the middle of get­ting some­thing out, but what’s going on?” A big part of GTD is GTP—Getting To the Point.

The rest, I need to work on. Check out the list and the com­ments to his post. Lots of good stuff there.

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