Nifty Hack: How to circumvent a firewall with Twitter, Jaiku, Twitku using Netvibes

Need to ‘fol­low’ your friends on Twit­ter or Jaiku, but are fire­walled? Then here’s a quick solu­tion that is work­ing for me:

  1. Set up a NetVibes account.
  2. Cre­ate a new page, setup as three column.
  3. Add the Bitty Browser mod­ule.
    1. Point that browser at the TwitKu mobile page ( ).
    2. Sign into your Twit­ter and JaiKu accounts through the TwitKu mobile inter­face (you may need to acquire a Jaiku API code…follow the link).
    3. Select the Post link on the TwitKu Mobile pane. You’ll use this pane to post to Twit­ter and JaiKu with one entry.
  4. Add the Twit­ter Mod­ule to the page. Edit the set­tings to match your Twit­ter account. This pane will mon­it­or your Twit­ter feed dir­ectly.
  5. Add a Feed to the page. This is your Jaiku page. Copy the RSS feed link of your JaiKu account into appro­pri­ate edit loc­a­tion for this pane. This pane will mon­it­or your Jaiku feed dir­ectly.

This work­around relies on third-parties grabbing the con­tent and live pro­cesses from sites that may be fire­walled and ‘mask­ing’ that con­tent behind the site that isn’t fire­walled. Your mileage may vary.

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