Nifty Hack: How to circumvent a firewall with Twitter, Jaiku, Twitku using Netvibes

Need to ‘follow’ your friends on Twitter or Jaiku, but are firewalled? Then here’s a quick solution that is working for me:

  1. Set up a NetVibes account.
  2. Create a new page, setup as three column.
  3. Add the Bitty Browser module.
    1. Point that browser at the TwitKu mobile page ( ).
    2. Sign into your Twitter and JaiKu accounts through the TwitKu mobile interface (you may need to acquire a Jaiku API code…follow the link).
    3. Select the Post link on the TwitKu Mobile pane. You’ll use this pane to post to Twitter and JaiKu with one entry.
  4. Add the Twitter Module to the page. Edit the settings to match your Twitter account. This pane will monitor your Twitter feed directly.
  5. Add a Feed to the page. This is your Jaiku page. Copy the RSS feed link of your JaiKu account into appropriate edit location for this pane. This pane will monitor your Jaiku feed directly.

This workaround relies on third-parties grabbing the content and live processes from sites that may be firewalled and ‘masking’ that content behind the site that isn’t firewalled. Your mileage may vary.

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