Fast, free and effective Palm Pilot backup with NVBackup

Earli­er this morn­ing I had des­paired; my Palm Pilot had fallen and could­n’t get up. It had crashed. Hard. I had to force a Hard Reset to even get it back to the fact­ory default con­di­tion.

I’d lost my ebooks, sched­ule, con­tacts, everything. Sure, it was backed up on my com­puter, in a backup folder, but a manu­al restore requr­ies an hour or two of rein­stalling.

I was bummed, until I remembered that in one of my ‘smart’ moments, I ‘d installed a free ‘fire and for­get’ backup util­ity to my SD Card: NVBackup.

This little suck­er fired up, restored, and bam, I’m back in busi­ness. Everything was where it was sup­posed to be. A com­plete restore.

In five minutes.

Recom­mend­a­tion: if you do noth­ing else for your Palm Pilot today, read this review, then down­load and install NVBackup.

Then for­get about it, until you need it.

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Published by Brad Grier geek.hack