Sco­ti­abank’s new Web 2.0 com­munity site is now live, and I’ve taken a quick browse through the site and am very happy with what I found!

For starters, the MyVault site is laid out in a very pleas­ing man­ner, friendly and approachable.

The main inter­face is broken down into con­tent blocks:

  • My News — con­tains news head­lines, fin­an­cial news, and user-sub­scrib­able RSS feeds
  • My Plans — sort of an organ­izer / plan­ner containing:
  • My Cal­en­dar — soph­ist­ic­ated cal­en­dar­ing fea­tures that include user defin­able cat­egor­ies and alerts.
  • My ToDo List — as the name says, it’s a list manager.
  • My Cash­flow — a cash­flow mod­el­ing tool. “Whenev­er you have new sources of income, or new expenses, enter them into My Cash Flow to get an up-to-date view of your fin­an­cial situ­ation”. It’s not con­nec­ted to your bank account.
  • My Doc­u­ments — a place to store art­icles and oth­er con­tent items you may want to refer back to at a later date.
  • My Lib­rary — con­tains per­son­al fin­ance art­icles, Q & A sec­tion, Sco­ti­abank’s ‘The Money Clip’ pod­cast, and a Gloss­ary of fin­an­cial terms. There’s also a busi­ness sec­tion con­tain­ing a few more busi­ness-related con­tent items.
  • My Com­munity — ah, now we get to the ‘social’ aspect of an online com­munity. My Com­munity is a com­munity dis­cus­sion for­um, where mem­bers can con­duct con­ver­sa­tion in a num­ber of themed, mod­er­ated for­ums, such as Invest­ing, Home Own­er­ship, Money Man­age­ment, etc. One minor issue, I could­n’t find any way to sub­scribe to the for­ums and com­ments via RSS, but oth­er­wise, it’s nice to see Sco­ti­abank will­ing to enable this kind of dis­cus­sion with­in their world.
  • My Tools — a col­lec­tion of cal­cu­lat­ors and fin­an­cial assess­ment tools to help you have bet­ter fin­an­cial situ­ation­al aware­ness. Some of the tools include RSP cal­cu­lat­or, Net Worth, Mort­gage Payment..etc.
  • Over­all I think it’s a great resource. With the col­lec­tion of news, inform­a­tion, and an online com­munity to provide that ‘real­ity check’, Sco­ti­abank has launched a very cool tool.

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