Getting things done with your iPod Nano

I’ve been an on-again off-again user of Dav­id Allen’s Get­ting Things Done (GTD) sys­tem for a few years now. If you fol­low the GTD sys­tem, you’ll be aware that one of the things to do is cre­ate a sys­tem that is easy and always avail­able. This has been my down­fall on more than one occa­sion.

Cur­rently, I’m using my iPod Nano as my action­able stor­age con­tain­er. It’s smal­ler than my Palm TX, always with me, and able to store notes, appoint­ments, con­tact inform­a­tion, and almost any­thing else you’d need to take advant­age of those con­text-sens­it­ive oppor­tun­it­ies.

The down­side is that it’s more dif­fi­cult to add or edit data in the unit when you’re away from your desktop.

Here’s a few of the things pos­sible with the iPod/GTD:

  • Listen to GTD Audio books to review con­cepts and pro­cesses
  • Timeshift — listen to your pod­casts (espe­cially For Imme­di­ate Release) while driv­ing, using an FM Trans­mit­ter. There’s a long story and a whole oth­er post on this top­ic.
  • Cal­en­dar — sync your appoint­ments and todos with Out­look and oth­er desktop cal­en­dar­ing pro­grams.
  • Notes — Use it as a read-only PDA. Store phone num­bers, addresses and oth­er inform­a­tion.
  • Clock/Alarm — Built into the Nano. Great for keep­ing you on task and on time.

I’m sure there are more ideas, but my Nano is beep­ing at me telling me I’ve spent enough time cre­at­ing this blog post. Time to move on to my next task.

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Published by Brad Grier geek.hack