Free online backup to the rescue

Recently I had to rebuild the c: drive of my main desktop com­puter. Yes it was a pain. I had many pro­grams installed there, and am still slowly rein­stalling all the ones I use as I use them.

One thing that made the pro­cess easi­er was my online backup. Mozy stored all my pro­gram set­tings and con­fig­ur­a­tion files (you know, the ones that live in c:Documents and Set­ting­suser­name
etc…) safely in their online backup struc­ture. It was an easy mat­ter for me to login to my Mozy account and retrieve them.
That saved me hours of rebuild­ing my set­tings for vari­ous applic­a­tions and games.

Now, the free ver­sion of Mozy isn’t inten­ded as a full sys­tem backup, you only get ~ 2GB of online stor­age. Mozy only backups loc­al drives, so a remov­able or net­work drive will be skipped, but the fact that backup is auto­mated, intel­li­gent, and con­fig­ur­able make it a win­ner.

I’ve also been look­ing at Xdrive (from AOL) recently. It’s 5GB of free online stor­age, but it does­n’t seem to have an auto­mated backup facil­ity. You just drag and drop whatever you want saved there, and gets saved there. It’s more of an online stor­age solu­tion than a backup. Kinda cool if you need to keep your 4GB iPod Nano music where you can get at it online (provided you’re not fire­walled at work or any­thing).

Xdrive allows you to store any file that your com­puter can see, so that does include net­work and remov­able media drives. And with Xdrive, you can share your files or folders, and man­age access to them if need be.

I’ve just star­ted play­ing with Xdrive, but if they just added the back­ground backup func­tion to Xdrive, I think it would chal­lenge Mozy.

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Published by Brad Grier geek.hack