This (iPod) Red is quite nice. iTunes Sucks.

Santa was very kind to me this Christmas; a spiffy new iPod nano (PRODUCT RED)TM Special Edition. I’m amazed at how small and functional it is, and was again impressed at Apple’s attention to detail in package design and overall thought in the little details; the USB cable cover had a little clip extension that held the USB cable wires in nice and tight.

Now, iTunes on the other hand is a bit of a bear. I’ve got a few hundred MP3’s that I’ve ripped from CD’s over the years, stored on my household server. All nicely arranged by folder, artist, album, song, etc. I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to to get iTunes to understand that that structure actually means something, and that it should really read that (as well as the embedded MP3 tag information) into it’s database structure when displaying the music selections to me.

And why does iTunes need to ‘Determine Gapless Playback Information’ on every tune it scans on my system. It’s rather slow (~30 sec per tune).

And why can I not view the album information from the iTunes store if I don’t have an account, which requires a credit card?

Meh, there has to be a better way. For XP or Ubuntu. Either will do.

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