This (iPod) Red is quite nice. iTunes Sucks.

Santa was very kind to me this Christ­mas; a spiffy new iPod nano (PRODUCT RED)TM Spe­cial Edi­tion. I’m amazed at how small and func­tion­al it is, and was again impressed at Apple’s atten­tion to detail in pack­age design and over­all thought in the little details; the USB cable cov­er had a little clip exten­sion that held the USB cable wires in nice and tight.

Now, iTunes on the oth­er hand is a bit of a bear. I’ve got a few hun­dred MP3’s that I’ve ripped from CD’s over the years, stored on my house­hold serv­er. All nicely arranged by folder, artist, album, song, etc. I’ll be damned if I can fig­ure out how to to get iTunes to under­stand that that struc­ture actu­ally means some­thing, and that it should really read that (as well as the embed­ded MP3 tag inform­a­tion) into it’s data­base struc­ture when dis­play­ing the music selec­tions to me.

And why does iTunes need to ‘Determ­ine Gap­less Play­back Inform­a­tion’ on every tune it scans on my sys­tem. It’s rather slow (~30 sec per tune).

And why can I not view the album inform­a­tion from the iTunes store if I don’t have an account, which requires a cred­it card?

Meh, there has to be a bet­ter way. For XP or Ubuntu. Either will do.

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