We don’t need no steenkin’ Windows — eWeek labs reviews Ubuntu 6.06

Not really a suprise to me, though I’m no Linux guru, just a user who upgraded from Red Hat 3.04 through to Ubuntu 6.06. I must say, it is a very nice altern­ate envir­on­ment. eWeek Labs recently awar­ded Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS an Ana­lysts Choice award.

This latest Ubuntu release, which became avail­able in June, has won our ardor with a tight focus on desktop usab­il­ity; an extremely act­ive, help­ful and organ­ized user com­munity; and a soft­ware install­a­tion and man­age­ment frame­work that’s unsur­passed on any OS plat­form.

In addi­tion to out­per­form­ing Linux rivals as a desktop OS, we found that Ubuntu is a sol­id choice for serv­er deployments”provided, at least, that the sort of graph­ic­al man­age­ment hand-hold­ing that one would expect from Microsoft’s Win­dows Serv­er or from Novell’s SUSE Linux Enter­prise Serv­er isn’t a pri­or­ity.

Of course, Ubuntu Linux is free. In fact, Canon­ic­al will even ship you pro­fes­sion­ally pack­aged discs to install and dis­trib­ute to your friends. These are ‘Live’ discs that will run from the CD-rom, not touch­ing your pre­cious hard drive, unless you choose to install the oper­at­ing sys­tem. Ubuntu Linux is avail­able in x86, x86-64 and Power­PC ver­sions.

My one qualm with the cur­rent dis­tro is that It won’t load/recognize the wi-fi driver for my HP/Compaq laptop. Since it’s a reas­on­ably com­mon unit, I’m sure there will be a patch/fix/how-to that will over­come this issue.

So, noth­ing to do this rainy, August long week­end, then why not grab a copy of Ubuntu and check it out for your­self!

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