Dirty Pool..

It seems that Quick­en users are los­ing some online func­tion­al­ity. Boing­Bo­ing reports:

Quick­en dis­ables the soft­ware you paid for to force paid upgrades
Norvy sez, “I bought Quick­en 2002 when it was the cur­rent ver­sion. I received a let­ter in the mail this week telling me that Intu­it will be dis­abling the online bill pay fea­ture for my ver­sion because it’s too old!

Me is pissed. It seems that they’re also retir­ing the QIF file format with anoth­er one, which means that if my bank con­verts, I’ll have to buy the latest ver­sion of the soft­ware to remain com­pat­ible.
Source: Boing­Bo­ing
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