I am Ahab

“ This is My Whale

I stand amid­ships, the deck lurch­ing with every motion of the craft “ the beast surges onward, obli­vi­ous to the con­di­tion of my fel­low trav­el­lers inside.

My Whale moves, from place to place, fol­low­ing it’s own path, heed­less of the desires of it’s pas­sen­gers “ krill.

Upon occa­sion, My Whale stops, lets loose a mighty sigh, and dis­charges one, or a few, of my fel­low trav­el­lers “ as if they’ve provided their nutri­ent value and are noth­ing more than mere Excrement.

My Whale con­tin­ues onward.

March “ 2003 “ ETS Route 6 “ Edmon­ton